2023 MRSTIC Organization

Conference Chair
Jow-Lay HuangPresident of MRS-T
Conference Co-Chairs
Sea-fue WangVice President of MRS-T/ President of NTUT
Jinn P. ChuVice President of MRS-T/ Vice President of NTUST
Tzong-Ming LeeVice President of MRS-T/ General Director of Material and Chemical Research Laboratories
Program Chair
Chih-Huang LaiConvener of Acedamic Committee of MRS-T /Associate Dean of NTHU College of Semiconductor Research
Jyh-Ming TingConvener of Acedamic Committee of MRS-T /Associate Dean of NCKU College of Engineering
General Secretaries
Jian Long HorngSecretary of MRS-T
Po-Yu ChenChair of Department of MSE, NTHU
Local Advisory Committee
Nyan-Hwa Tai (Chair)Senior Vice President of NTHU
Lih-Juann ChenPresident of University System of Taiwan
Ta-Jen YenVice President For Global Affairs of NTHU
Tsong-Pyng PerngChair Professor of Department of MSE, NTHU
Sinn-Wen ChenChair Professor of Department of MSE, NTHU
Shou-Yi ChangConvener, Materials Engineering, National Science and Technology Council / Professor of Department of MSE, NTHU
Feng-Yu TsaiChair of Department of MSE, NTU
Wen-Wei WuChair of Department of MSE, NYCU
Bernard Haochih LiuChair of Department of MSE, NCKU
Shiao-Wei KuoChair of Department of MOS, NSYSU
Albert T. WuChair of Department of CME, NCU
Chia-Feng LinChair of Department of MSE, NCHU
Te-Wei ChiuChair of Department of MSE, NTUT
Shao-Ju ShihChair of Department of MSE, NTUST